Version 2.1.9 (Release Date : 11/29/2019)

Bug Fixed and Improvements.

Display Selected employees on the side in Project Pages.

Auto Email and Reminder Email of Employee Daily Time Record to Employee and PM.

Admin Home Page Improvements

Import functionality for Project Task and Sub Tasks

Improvements in Project Pages.

Added Active/Inactive option in various reports.

Sorting of Sub Tasks in A to Z order when we add Sub task.

Added functionality to Add Automatic projects when new user is created.

Added Checked By and Created By fields in Invoice Page

Pending Invoice List

Changes related to Proposal Result Update.

Changes in Assign Multiple Project/Task/Sub Task to Employee page.

Removed Inactive assets from equipments list on User Document Page.

Added option for Vacation Request for Multiple Days in User Profile and Schedule Pages.

Changes in DTL vs Billed Report.

FW: Change name to Project-Timesheet Detail Report

Changes in Proposal timesheet for holiday hours to show in Red color

Changes in Payroll reports for 401K Roth fields.

Changes in Project Page for Setting Invoice Due Date

Changes in Contact Master List Page for improvements.

Changes in Invoice Management

Added option for Expense Management in Mobile View.

Added New Roth Module to Manage 401k Roth related work.

Changes in User Report rights page for sorting and arrangments

Email to User for Equipment List.

Changes in Bank Statement Report

Marketing - Employee - Certifications Report

Various changes in Company Car Management

Some Reports updated for improvements.

TS Updates

Changes in Vendor Invoice List

Employee Projects with Task and SubTask

Marketing Reports - Category

DTL Budget

Access on Invoice and payments

EM Login Page Improvement

Email to selected Employee for Document module

New Filter Changes

Different Color for Agency/Company

Changes related to Proposal - Add Agency

New points in proposal and company

Interview Management Changes

Display Visa Expire Date with warning

Agency master changes

Changes in Admin Time Sheet

Changes in Proposals Module

Admin Marketing Timesheet Emails Reminder Changes

Employee On map on employee list

Changes in Schedule Inspection

Version 2.1.8 (Release Date : 09/20/2019)

Modification in Add Employee Document Module for Not Mandatory Option and some list page changes.

Filter improvements in various reports.

Admin Marketing time Record related changes in Main Timesheet.

Version 2.1.7 (Release Date : 07/15/2019)

Filter related Changes in Contact Company Master Module.

Task Management Module Changes.

Improvements in Proposal Management Module.

Listing improvements in property Vendor and Monthly rent Module.

Changes in Roster Report.

Version 2.1.6 (Release Date : 06/28/2019)

Added new tab Work In Progress for Proposal Results.

UI Improvements for Home Page.

Improvements in Interview Management.

Created New Module For Managing Compensation time projects.

Added Visa Expiry Date with Warning Message when adding Employee rate.

Added Training cost and labour spent fields on Employee Training Cost report based on Vendor Invoice date and training end date.

Summary of selected task and added inspector Schedule report for Scheduled Inspection.

Added Address, City, State, ZIP fields to Exported Excel file. Also, Some Users on Map related changes.

Changes related to Prime and Sub Consultant in Proposal.

Fixed Issue for Emails regarding Interview/Resume.

Reminder Email should not go out if holiday listed in EM.

Restriction to Employee to Add/Edit Hours in Main Timesheet which is entered in Admin/Marketing Timesheet.

Added New Columns - Business Line Wise Revenue and Revenue Percentage in Revenue By Mar Sector Report.

Added Paid,Recieved and Paid/Recieved amount in Summary in Paymnet Invoice and Vendor Invoice List.

Bug fixed

Version 2.1.5

Improvements and Bug fixed. Added Option in Company Management to set Initial Signature Person. Selected Initial Person's signature will be displayed as Approved By when we print timesheet.

Improvements and Bug fixed

Fixed issue for Project Report for Employee Signature when exporting to timesheet excel format.

Added result Field and added color code in exported excel file. So, it is easy to identify if proposal is won, lost, shortlisted, etc.

Added Option to Send Notification regarding Employee Document expiring to selected Employees before selected days.
Once expiring date hit the selected days or nearby, system will start sending notification to selected employee automatically.

Bug Fixed and improvements

Fixed issue for Divided amount mismatch in Revenue By Marketing Sector Report.

Added Filter to search by Result like Short List-Won-Lost-Submitted.
Search By Proposal No. text.

Proposals will be aaded to Proposal timesheet of all team members once activated.

Highlighted the fields in different color so, employee can see Which fields are missing Notes before they save.

Category List in A to Z Order. Also, related changes in other modules for the order effects.

Removed Agency/Company Selection when creating Client as requested.

Bug Fixed and Improvements in Import Additional Expense.

Added Option to View/Search Expense By Project, Expense Type and Added New Fields in List i.e. Explaination.

Version 2.1.4

Improvements and Bug fixed. Changes for PM Pending TS, PM Approved TS, etc dashboard controls based on new condition i.e. 1 to 15 & 16 to 31.

Added New Report - Timesheet Remarks Report, which shows remarks given during timesheet rejection.

Assign colors to diffenent proposals based on results status.

Added Validation for Comments as it is required for working hours.
Reminder Mail for users who have not submitted Proposal TS hours. Also changes Proposal TS Mail with Employee Name in A-Z order.

Added filter for Agreement Type.

Fixed Export to Excel without quoted project numbers.

Changes in Proposal Module like Added New Option in Result and Technical Lead Auto Selection in Proposal Team in Add Proposal, Other Changes in List Proposal
Once inactivate the Proposal, it will be removed from proposal timesheet if no charges on that

Added OH % in Project Cost UNALLOCATED Cost Report.

Version 2.1.3

Improvements and Bug fixed.
Changes in Proposal Module.

Created New Timesheet Page for Proposal Which will keep records related to Marketing Proposals Module.

Changes in Project List Page and Payment Invoice List Page to Display Agreement type and also filter using Agreement Type.

Added New Fields Technical Lead, Proposal Folder and Proposal Team in Add Proposal Page.
Send Email to Proposal Team Users when new proposals are created.
Send Email to Accounting when Proposal Result is selected to WON.
Removed Agency and Consultant Validation.
Various Changes in List Proposal Page.

Version 2.1.2

Improvements and Bug fixed. Added Hyperlink on Project Code and Project Title to directly go to Project Page of selected Project.

Created New Module Poposals Management for Admin/Marketing Management.

If the employee is set terminated, The employee should be able to submit the time sheet for the period even after putting the term date on EM.
It will allow access for employees to submit the TS until the pay the end of that pay period.

Version 2.1.1

Improvements and Bug fixed. Created New Module for Marketing Proposals, Where all the proposal related information, agency and prime/sub consultant information stored.

Fixed excel file for sum of numbers.

Version 2.1

Improvements and Bug fixed. Fixed issue of Schedule Inspection not showing Data for All Employee.

Some changes in Project Page and Project Listing Report.

Version 2.0.1

Improvements and Bug fixed. Fixed bug and sorted invoice number sequence.

Added option to assign color code in bank module, so bank name display in selected color in list in bank statement report.

Version 2.0

Improvements and Bug fixed. Fixed issue for Emploee not showing on MAP.

Created New Report PROJECT REVENUE REPORT which display revenue of each project for past 10 years.

Bug fixed and some Improvements.

Created New Report PROJECT COST & UNALLOCATED COST REPORT which display allocated and unallocated projects, hours, cost, etc employee wise.

After we search for From and To date, Display Total Income, Total Expense, Profit/Loss (+ve nos. BOLD GREEN and -ve nos. BOLD RED) above header line.

Version 1.1

Improvements and Bug fixed.
Removed Employee Rate from Timesheet which was added earlier.

Version 1.0.1

Improvements and Bug fixed.

Version 1.0

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